Tuesday, December 29, 2009


ah hah.for this entry i shud sound a bit serious lah after a few trials before.normally i'll jot down things in my mini rase agak weird juge bile perlu menaip.bleh? myself been far away from technology huh?but,still i'm proud to be myself ok.gheeeee~~
yep.i lead my life in my own way.i trust my heart.i trust my intuition.and talking about love i really believe in chemistry that bond the relationship.stubborn??yeah.i am.of how many people tried to stop me from having that thought in mind.still i have faith in it.i do have faith no matter how many times i end up with tears.
but i have strong guts into what i believe in.
*degil sgt ye kamu ni azreen.yer,saye sgt degil* me,feelings come from the inside.whatever your actions, your words, your talkings, all of these things will come from your is the thing that u cannot,ape salah ke aku ckp neh?nope.i dont think is true.but to some extend people will tend to fake when they have different agenda towards it.

thats why wujudnye kata2 neh: ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.
sometimes words cant express your feelings.
but actions will do the talkings.eheh.

| for now i shud say that i wall my heart |

rase mcm nk letak je signboard:
ahaha.mcm boleh la kan?

failures.wrong attempts.wrong decisions.meeting the wrong ones.

perghhh.WTH eh?so is it me or them?okla.just put the blame on me lah.fair to everybody.

it was me who started
it was me who ask for it
it was me who misinterpret everythg

wow!! *banyaknye kesalahan kamu azreen.kamu ni kenapekah?* mengeloh skrg ok.but nevermind coz i have faith in my is better to taste the bitter first and u might smile at the end of the day
enjoying all the sweet things.
best huh?
i can't wait ok.and for this temporarily-wall-my-heart thingy i just dont bother about serious relationship right now.i am building a transparent wall

*a strong wall that can protect me but still i can see the outside*
nice heh?

i can only see u but u can't see me ok.wait til i decide to come out.
one fine day.the day will come.
pray for me.betol la kan?gheeeeee~~~

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